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Thursday, August 29, 2013

All Roads Lead To Rome

All right I'm going to just put this out there. The trip Nadav and I took to Italy and Paris was really special, and it was a trip that we spent months and months planning. We took a gazillion photos, and I am so so excited to share them with you. This blog is about to turn very Euro-trip centered for a few weeks, and I hope you don't mind. =P I promise to be honest, a little silly, and do my very best to share information that I think might be helpful to people who will be planning similar trips. 

And now... Roma, Day 1
We flew into Leonardo Da Vinci airport on a very hot and very humid Thursday morning. Lets just say getting to downtown was slight shenanigans. My best advice to fellow travelers? Figure out exactly how to get to downtown and then to your hotel before you arrive in Rome. Truth is, the locals weren't exactly helpful and we were lost in a sauna Rome for awhile. 
But I digress, we checked into the Hotel Smeraldo. Our room was simple, but clean, and most importantly air conditioned. I also chose the hotel because Rick Steve's said it was good =P it was in a great location, and specifically about a block from the Campo di Fiori, a really cute plaza with a great outdoor market. We were also really close to Piazza Navona, the Pantheon, and walking distance from the Trevi Fountain and the Spanish Steps. 
We didn't plan to much for the first day but mostly just wanted to explore and see the sights that were close to our hotel. These sites just happened to be part of Rick Steve's Heart of Rome Walk. (I know, I know we're suckers for all things Rick Steve's approved.)

Beautiful Piazza Navona

The Pantheon

After the Pantheon we continued to follow the Heart of Rome walk and made our way to Giolitti's gelato. That gelato was good, so good we went back three more times while we were in Rome. If you do go to Giolitti's you need to pay first, get your receipt, and then fight the crowds because there is no ticket or number system to keep things structured. Be assertive, Giolitti's gelato is worth the fight ;) 

If you ask me, you really feel Rome's magic in the evening and at night. Everybody is out, walking, meeting friends, and enjoying a glass of wine.

Next up Ancient Rome...


Anonymous said...

now i feel like i need a plane ticket to go to rome and get gelato.

Rachel Murphree said...

These pictures are gorgeous, and swear to god I just salivated at that gelato picture.

Crazy Shenanigans-JMO said...

Oh my goodness! I love the nighttime photos!

Andi of My Beautiful Adventures said...

Gorgeous, I love Rome! Ummm gelato!!!!

lauren | eyes/ears/mouth+lens said...

I love all of this already! Looking forward to the next few weeks of recap :) I'll be doing the same on my blog too.


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