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Thursday, August 22, 2013

The Real Thing

Hi there! I'm Rachel, the blogger behind With Love, Rachel. Like Tammy, I'm a California girl who cannot get enough of what the Golden State has to offer. I blog about some of my favorite destinations, especially in L.A. and Orange County. While Tammy's away, I'd love to share with you one of my favorite Santa Barbara spots.
To start,Taco Tuesdays have become a thing that I feel conflicted about. I am conflicted because on the one hand, I really love tacos, but on the other hand...most people don't know what they're talking about when it comes to tacos.

If Mexican food to you means going to El Torrito, maybe we're not talking about the same thing. To be fair, you can get some decent (decent) margaritas at El Torrito, but if you really want legit tacos, you find yourself a real taqueria.

Julia Child knew this, and her love of Santa Barbara's La Super-Rica Taqueria helped make this spot famous  among Santa Barbara locals. Fortunately, La Super Rica didn't let the fame go to their heads too much, and their food is seriously legit.

First off, it's an unassuming little building on Milpas.

They don't serve margaritas or complimentary chips and salsa. You just get your taco-loving-booty in the line that goes around the corner, order up some tacos or one of the specials (I like #8-- grilled tri tip with peppers, onions, and bacon served over three tortillas. It's sort of a cross between fajitas and tacos).

As you order, you watch the crew grilling your meat and pressing your tortillas. Yep. You see that giant mound of masa in front of the woman? She's making tortillas to order.

While you wait for your food you look for an open bench or plastic table in the small enclosed patio space. You scoop up fresh made salsas in anticipation and you jump every time you hear them call a number, hoping it's your turn.

You savor your tacos, not caring if juices run down your chin or how sticky your fingers are. You enjoy the cool Santa Barbara breeze from the open windows and swat away flies between bites because let's be real, this is a taqueria and not El Torrito. This is how tacos are meant to be eaten.

You wash it down with what may be the best Horchata you've ever had. It's just creamy enough to cool your tongue, with the right amount of cinnamon to keep it interesting.

horchata photo via . I gulped mine without thinking to get a picture first.

You clear your table for the line of eager patrons hoping for your spot, then stroll down the street thinking about how happy your tummy is and how lucky you are to get such an awesome meal for about 10 bucks.

That is how you do Tacos on Tuesday.
Thanks Tammy, for letting me share my love of tacos on your blog today. I am so jealous of your European adventures.

Ahh real Mexican food. It's pretty much the best thing about California. ;) Thanks Rachel!
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Heart my Hart said...

that's right down the street from my mom's house.


Cece said...

I LOVE hole in the wall Taco shops the best. I'm real super easy though. I can go from Taco Bell to Santana's to Roberto's #9 and be happy!! But I'm thrilled that I have the best Mexican food at my disposal being in SD. I have never tried horchata. I'm scared!!

BKCsquared said...

Looks like K & I need to make a trip to Santa Barbara!! Thanks for the tip -- and we're your newest followers so we can keep getting more tips like this in the area!

xo, B

tiarenie said...

im planning my california road trip for this october and i had this place on my list! glad to hear that its so great! :)

Jordan - Queen of LA! said...

been there. loved it. ordered a billion things on the menu and everything was delicious. the watermelon aqua fresca was fabulous too!


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