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Friday, September 27, 2013

Fall Style Wants And Other Such Ramblings

Jeez, Anthropologie you just had to come out with a gazillion fabulous items in your fall line.
Stop it Anthro, just stop.

Here are a few of my very favorites

Cream sweater - hat - Jeweled cuff - Paneled Leather Pencil Skirt - Coralina ladder necklace - Wrap cardigan - Blue boots

Happy Weekend.
Oh and just in case you were wondering...
It's going to be in the 80s here this weekend, and I fully intend on heading to the beach to try and salvage the last bit of my Mediterranean tan.

No I am not jealous of you people who get to talk crisp autumn walks, jump in a pile of crunchy leaves, pick apples, wear big scarves and cozy sweaters, and cuddle in front of the fireplace.
Okay lies. I am very jealous.

Like I was saying,
hope you have the most wonderful weekend. =P


Nicole Marie said...

ohh looovveee that necklace!

Joy said...

Aw I'm glad you posted this but now I really want that hat, although Florida is still in the upper 80s as well. I mean I could wear it during winter, on vacations...trying to convince myself I need that hat.

Andi of My Beautiful Adventures said...

Love these items!!! I'm so excited to finally start wearing boots!

Jill J. said...

I am kind of loving the summer weather but I do have some booties and leggings just waiting to be worn!

Love those blue booties!

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