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Thursday, September 12, 2013

On Umbria.

Ah Montepulciano, I don't ever think that waking up each morning, and seeing this could get old. It's just not possible, and your sunsets? Forgetttt about it.

Oh and having the above pictured croissants, fresh squeezed orange juice, and a cappuccino for breakfast each morning? Now that is something I really really miss. If you are ever in Montepulciano puhleasee make sure you visit Bar Enotca Pasticceria for breakfast.

Anyway we lingered over breakfast on our second morning in Montepulciano and then Nadav did his very best to pull me away from all the boutiques that filled Piazza delle Erbe. Siiighhh.

I'm just going to be honest here, the best thing about living out of one carry-on size backpack while spending a month in Europe? Definitely how easy it was to move from place to place, and how secure I felt when I wasn't worried about dragging luggage around with me.

The worst thing about living out of one carry-on backpack while spending a month in Europe? Nadav constantly reminding me that the beautiful leather purse or shoes I had just "fallen in love with" just wouldn't fit in my backpack. He was right. =P

On the bright side, I couldn't shop, so I saved money, and that just meant we could spent more money on eating delicious food. Naturally, eating delicious food in Italy is always a good thing.

After Nadav successfully pulled me away from the shopping in Montepulciano, we headed to Umbria. Umbria is a stunning mountainous region to the east of Tuscany. It has lots of historic towns to explore, views that will take your breath away, and what seemed like less tourists to me. I think most tourists end up visiting Tuscany because of its close proximity to Florence. Either way, we really loved Umbria and would highly recommend it to other travelers.

Our first stop was Orvieto, a historic and beautiful town that has a pretty ridiculous duomo. We spent time wandering the city and had some of the best gelato of our trip as we sat in the shade near the duomo and people watched.

After Orvieto, we made our way to Civita di Bagnoregio, and I will always remember it as one of the most magical places we visited. When we first saw the town in the distance we were truly awestruck. Seriously check out this view!
Ya, we climbed to that town. No big deal.
Civita di Bagnorgio stands proudly on top of a cliff, or well really it's atop a plateau of friable volcanic tuff. Details you know?

To reach it, you climb a really, really steep hill and you take multiple breaks if it's 100 degrees out =P. As we climbed, we took in the views of the Tiber River Valley that surrounded us. The Tiber River Valley was so green and just seemed to go on forever. Eventually reached Civita di Bagnorgio, and spent sometime exploring the little town. The town is tiny, and there isn't too much to see there, but the views make your entire trip worthwhile.

In my opinion Civita di Bagnorgio is a must-see while on a trip to Italy. There's just nothing like it. :)

Skyping with my dad on our windowsill as the sunset in the background #TakeMeBack

Up next Pisa, and my very very favorite place in Italy.


Simply Camylla said...

Um, slightly jealous of your trip and your gorgeous photos. Ok I lie, I'm reaaalllyyy jealous of your trip and photos. Just lovely!!!


Jamie Pilgrim said...

Stunning! What a gorgeous AND delicious looking trip!

Great photos!


Danielle Villano said...

Oh, these photos just absolutely made me swoon. My friend and I are planning a trip... would love to visit these beautiful sights! :)


Andi of My Beautiful Adventures said...

The last two pics are just amazing!!!!!! I don't know how you resisted buying things!


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