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Thursday, September 19, 2013

One Two Three

A few weeks ago at a good friend's wedding
Happenings and Such

1. Where'd You Go Bernadette rocked my socks. For reals, I finished that book in a day. Cute, entertaining, and perfect poolside reading.

2. The building where I work is currently having "plumbing issues", because of said plumbing issues we were sent home yesterday at 2pm. I didn't complain, went right home, and turned on some Bravo. There's nothing like trashy television to ease me into a lazy afternoon.

3. Nadav and I have started going on nightly walks around the neighborhood, they make my heart happy.

4. Nadav has since informed me that the aforementioned walks will absolutely not take place on nights during which his football team(s) are on TV. There goes Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Sunday. #whendoesfootballseasonendagain ? Kidding kidding ;)

5. After a month of traveling I was ready to head home. We've been home for three weeks and, well I'm craving another trip. It's true, I live and work to travel hehe.

6. I'm on the hunt for a brown or tan purse. You know the perfect purse, comfortable, matches everything, and has space for all my "necessities". I have my eye on this Madewell tote and this Frye tote. Someone want to let me know when either of those babies go on sale? Better yet, have you seen any fabulous bags that aren't as expensive? ;)

7. I put quotation marks around the word "necessities" above because I managed to travel around Italy and Paris for a month without a purse and was just fine. Actually, I was better than fine. My shoulder didn't hurt, and I wasn't worried about whether or not my purse was secure. All those "necessities", well they're not really necessities when it comes down to it.

8. I'm always on the hunt for great books to read. Suggestions anyone?

9. Breaking Bad. Holy crap Breaking Bad. I'm done here.

Hope you have a great day :)


Anonymous said...

i have wanted to read bernadette!

holtkamp said...

yes, that last breaking bad was incredible and so emotional!

Crazy Shenanigans-JMO said...

Have you looked on sites like overstock? They've got some good bags!


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