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Wednesday, September 18, 2013

The Hike From Vernazza to Monterosso

Ah Cinque Terre you just kept getting better and better. Your people, your food, your views, your everything. I was in awe the entire time.

We woke up early on our first morning in Cinque Terre to begin the hike from our home base in Vernazza to Monterosso, the fifth Cinque Terre town. We had heard that the hike would be tough, but the views would be unreal. "Sureee," I thought. "I do boot camp and yoga. I got this."

Lets just say that we made it, but that hike was no joke. We hiked up and up, and even straighter up, and then up a gazillion stairs for a good three hours.

The views? Well, they really were unreal.  We were surrounded by bright blue water, walked through vineyards that were sprinkled along the hills, and saw cliff jumpers splashing into the water. It was magical.

As we neared the end of the hike, we saw the pastel colored buildings and bright blue beach umbrellas of Monterosso al Mare. Once there we stopped at the first focaccia sandwich place we could find. That sandwich? It actually ended up being one of the yummiest things we had on our trip. Ohhh Italia.

Colorful fishing nets. Clearly everything is prettier in Cinque Terre ;)

A few hours on the beach at Monterosso turned us into lazy beach bums, and we opted to take the train back to Vernazza, versus hiking back. I don't feel bad about it. =P

Once in Vernazza we separated for what was the first time on our trip, I spent the rest of the day reading at the bay and Nadav headed to our room for a nap. Not going to lie, I missed him. =P 

It's a fact, Cinque Terre is good for the soul.


Ashley Rizzardo said...

Looks like an absolutely beautiful place. I am genuinely jealous! Good to know it was a good time for you!


Van Nguyen said...

Such a beautiful place. I hope to see it some day. Thanks for sharing these pretty pictures.

Jane {In the Pink and Green} said...

These pictures make my heart happy...Cinque Terre is SO AMAZING. I want to go back!! xoxo

BKCsquared said...

Gorgeous pictures!! I think I told you this before, but Cinque Terre was one of the destinations that my exchange program took students too at the beginning of my semester abroad (in Milan). & of course I opted to explore Milan instead -- even though I had a whole semester to do so!

Therefore, Cinque Terre is still top on my list of places to go, especially now!

xo, B

Casey said...

That hike is so worth it, isn't it?! Stunning views. Your photos are gorgeous! Makes me wanna plan a trip back there myself! ;)

Beaver Island Jewelry said...

We were in Vernazza in April and it was beautiful. Didn't hike the path though. Just stunning scenery! Your pix were wonderful.


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