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Tuesday, September 10, 2013


On our first morning in Tuscany we woke up, and hightailed it to the laundromat, which was conveniently located right next door to the B&B where we were staying. For reals, I literally woke up at 7am, threw on the one thing I hadn't yet worn on our trip, and ran to the laundromat. After living out of a carry-on size backpack, in 100+ degrees with full humidity for a week, doing laundry was #1 on my agenda. I do realize how ridiculous that sounds, bear with me. =P

This is the face of someone who was very very veryyy excited to do her laundry. I mean very excited. She was also someone who was wearing the one clean thing in her bag, a slightly dressy dress and flip flops. 
While we did our laundry we explored Montepulciano the little hilltop town that was our home base in Tuscany. I really recommend it to anyone looking for a beautiful place to stay. It has great restaurants with endless supplies of delicious wines, amazing views, a great wine cellar, and lots and lots of wineries close by. The best part? Montepulciano feels like a real Tuscan hilltop town, but still manages to be tourist friendly. I couldn't help but feel that in some parts of Italy (Tuscany included), the locals kinda take tourists for granted (like when they try to cheat you on your bills, eh). That definitely wasn't the case in Montepulciano, people were just genuinely nice there.

After changing into clean clothes (ahhhhhhhhhhhhh) we showered and headed out for lunch in Montepulciano. We checked Tripadvisor and ended up at La Pentolaccia, a cute and relaxed spot with delicious food. We grabbed a table outside and people watched while we ate.  

After lunch we jumped in our rental and headed to Pienza. Pienza is a another Tuscan hilltop town, but what makes it different from the other Tuscan hilltop towns is the Renaissance style sculptures and artwork that fill it. It's definitely worth a stop.

After we get our fill of Pienza, we headed to the hilltop town Montalcino. Montalcino is all about wine, Brunello wine specifically. We enjoyed our little stroll through town and Nadav got all giddy when we happened upon Montalcino's 14th century fort. Oohh boys men.

Rick Steves says that twilight is the best time to experience Siena. We arrived in Siena right around sunset. Coincidence? I think not.

Point is, we LOVED SIENA.

You feel an energy when you walk into Siena's il campo, Italian for main square, that is unlike anything we experienced in any other place in Italy. We sat down on the ground, people watched, and took in the beautiful buildings that surrounded us. I was in heaven, oh and the fact that I could drink a glass of wine while lounging in the middle of a fabulous hilltop town... it didn't suck.

Siena's main square, or il campo, in Italian is such an incredible place.

Siena's duomo. Straight up breathtaking.

Ah Toscana, I am a big big fan.


Anonymous said...

Beautiful photos! Thanks for sharing.

Abra said...

I'm SO glad you loved Siena! I loved it too :) My classmates and I spent many nights drinking wine and eating gelato sitting in Il Campo (often wine in one hand, gelato in the other). Makes me miss Italy SO much!!

Julie said...

Looks amazing!!

Simply Evani said...

You are making my travel list longer and longer Tammy!

Jill J. said...

Looks like so much fun. I think I would gain 500 lbs with all that amazing food!

Classy with a Kick

Crazy Shenanigans-JMO said...

The way you've talked about the heat and no air, I'd be excited about clean clothing too!


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