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Thursday, October 31, 2013

$50 to Sephora? Sure, Why Not?

First things first, Happpppy Halloween friends.
And now a message from a funny friend, who likes to share good things.
Things in the form of Sephora gift cards.
I know, I know you like her already.

Hey Girl Hey! Or in the rare event that a boy reads a blog, Hey Boy Hey!
I'm Sarah from Venus Trapped in Mars! Tammy was kind enough to let me take over today with a giveaway (insert being a poet and knowing it joke here). My blog is a true lifestyle blog about everything under the sun. I like to joke that laughing is my cardio, so I hope you come ready to workout! 

Some things you may find me writing about...
1// Working out. (by working out I mean not working out at all)
2// Helping decipher what your workout clothes say about you
2// Trying to help you be a better girlfriend 
3// The woes of waiting for blog perks
4// Being the most impatient person ever 
5// Helping you make your blog the prettiest blog you ever did see! 
I also really like clothes.
And tweeting.  

And giving away $50 to Sephora.


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