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Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Thanks To You La Puerta

So your man refuses to do anything but watch football on a Sunday.
Wamp wamp.
You're antsy and you really want out of the house?

What do I you do?
Easy peasy pumpkin squeasy.
Remind him that football is always more enjoyable with a big margarita and Mexican food.

La Puerta in Downtown San Diego, thank you for making dangerously good margaritas, serving half off drinks and appetizers after 3pm on Sunday, and making my Sunday way way more enjoyable.
Oh and thank you and helping me get my man out of the house.
Hug hug kiss kiss.

Carne asada fries, those definitely belong to Nadav. The tacos were mine. =P

Petco Park in all of its beautifulness


Celeste said...

Oh my. The drinks, the fries, the tacos...it all looks so amazing. And now I'm starving :)

holtkamp said...

carne asada fries was the wrong thing for this pregnant girl to read! :)

Brittany said...

Gorgeous pictures as always. Now I'm craving some Mexican food...

Shannon Kerns said...

How fricken cool. I love that you have a picture of the candy factory. The company I work for has leased the space and we're moving in in March. It's so much fun knowing bloggers that live in your city :)


Katie Appleyard said...

Haha so clever. Loved the look of those fries. Yum! xx

Sweet Apple Lifestyle

Darianne said...

Food looks wonderful! Great Pictures dear. xoxo

Jill J. said...

I love the park pictures! That was our old backyard! I miss it so much! :)

Classy with a Kick


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