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Tuesday, October 1, 2013


Venice, well.. is incredibly beautiful.
To be totally honest, it really wasn't my favorite part of our trip. 
Maybe it was because we were nearing our time in Italy and I was ready for a change, but I think that the overwhelming number of tourists kinda got to me. Apparently I have a difficult time appreciating certain beautiful things when I'm being swarmed by people. =P  

Now I'm looking back on those photos and really wishing that I had been able to separate the small annoyances from the beauty of the city, and appreciated it more. 
Ya live and learn, right?

On our first day in Venice, we woke up early, hopped on a vaporetto (aka water taxi) and started exploring. We visited the historic Jewish Ghetto, which was stunning in the saddest kinda way.  It really is worth a visit.

 Eventually we did what any good tourist should do in Venice. Put away our phones and our GPS, took out a paper map (eh what's that?! =P) and started wandering through the narrow streets. I really think the most beautiful parts of Venice are found away from the tourist crowds, they're in the details of an old door, in flowers overflowing into porch, or in the colors of buildings.

Really what I'm trying to say here....
Get away from the touristy crowds and experience Venice's charm.  

The Jewish Ghetto.

In the late afternoon, we escaped to Burano. A teensy little island, made up of narrow canals, lace shops, and colorful homes. The homes stand brightly on their own, but blend perfectly together into a row of beautiful row.
Little Burano is definitely worth a short visitit.

The incredible sunset we saw on our way back from Burano to Venice

Savor the moment my friends.


Jay said...

I have a hard time appreciating places when I'm swarmed with other tourists too but I'm working on it.

Venice was on the list for this year but it just didn't fit in - we're hoping to visit Italy in the Spring.

tiarenie said...

Beautiful photos! I wish i had visited that little island, i love the bold colors!

toosunny said...

I have found Venice is so much nicer after 7pm when the day-trippers have left and you can wander freely! It sounds like you had an amazing trip Tammy!

Anonymous said...

I had similar feelings about Venice - I wanted/expected it to be magical, but it just wasn't quite that. I do agree that the back streets are the most charming part though!

BKCsquared said...

I love your glasses in the third picture from the bottom!! Where are they from?!

xo, B

Andi of My Beautiful Adventures said...

That last photo gave me goosebumps, gorgeous!


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