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Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Wine Country, Without The Wine.

My dad, sigh. I love him so.
Halloween Festivities at the Callaway Vineyard and Winery

The above photo is what happens when I say, "Dad can you get my shoes in the photo?"
Oh, how I love him. =P

My parentals and I recently made the one hour trip to Temecula wine country.
The trip turned out to be slightly absurd because no wine was had (I know, I know WTF mate?!) and we rushed from winery to winery to check each one out as a possible wedding venue.

We saw some cool places but honestly, I am a San Diego beach girl and can't imagine myself getting married anywhere that doesn't incorporate those two things.
Even if my mother seems to disagree clearly we should had some wine that day. =P
(Love you Mom)

On another note, I have done a lot of research lately about the cost of having a wedding at different venues in the SoCal area. I realized that much of my time was simply spent emailing the coordinators at each venue because their prices were not listed on their websites. This turned out to be really time consuming, and I think unnecessary....
Would any of you be interested in a post that has a breakdown of venues and their cost?
Let me know and I shall make it happen.


Heather said...

I just got married and unfortunately, the time consuming process of emailing/phoning for prices doesn't end there (at least it didn't for me)... I priced out over 10 photographers, 4 travel hair/make-up service companies and 3 caterers all through email first. I have spreadsheet upon spreadsheet doing price comparisons and really wish a run down had been available! Good luck with planning and enjoy it!!

Treasure Tromp said...

I would LOVE to see that post!

Amira said...

HAHA, I hate when my shoes don't make it in the picture. I think that's a blogger thing :-)

Kristina Megan said...

YES !!!! would love this post!!!! NEED this post!!! xoxoxo


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