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Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Claire's On Cedros

Ohh Sunday, you will always be my second favorite. Friday night being my first favorite because I really get a thrill out of knowing I have two days to revel in my time off of work even if I'm a grandma and spend most Friday nights watching TV with my man. Now Sunday, there's something slow about you, and well I really like that too.

But I digress, on Sunday Cara-Mia, Farra and I met for lunch at Claire's on Cedros. It was my first time at Claire's and holy moley I am kicking myself for waiting so long to enjoy such wonderfulness. The food really is delicious, it tastes fresh in a way that I haven't experienced since visiting Italy. The decor is homey, stylish, and beachy all in one. Ohhh and water is served in mason jars. Naturally I am a fan of any place that does such things. =P

My vest is from Joules Clothing and it's pretty much the coziest thing in my closet. Joules is a super cute clothing brand from the UK and they're now expanding to the US market. I'm particularly fond of their vests. =P I definitely recommend checking them out. =)
Vest c/o Joules USA, Top: Madewell, Jeans: AG Jeans

Pumpkin pancakes (!), caprese omelette, and french toast. Yes, everything tasted as good as it looked

Ohh and you get cute little heart shaped cookies with your check. It really is all about the little things. ;)

Happy Tuesday Friends


Shannon Kerns said...

Such a cute place! I'll have to check it out. Have a happy Thanksgiving Tammy.


Kori said...

Too cute Tammy! Hope you're well! I'm hosting a fabulous new giveaway for $100 to Country Outfitter and the chance to win a free pair of Ariat cowboy boots for every month of 2014!!!! Come check it out! http://blondeepisodes.com/2013/11/omg-its-a-cowboy-boot-giveaway-win-up-to-one-pair-of-boots-for-a-year.html


Christie A said...

Love all of these pictures! That food looks amazing. Love your blog!


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