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Friday, December 20, 2013

Real Talk.

I just wrote an entire blog post about the ridiculousness that is planning our wedding, but you know what... I don't really think it's necessary to bore you fine people with that madness. Because really, I'd be bored reading to something like that. =P Let's just say it's been shenanigan(s). We've been engaged for a year and still don't have a wedding venue. (Smacks hand to forehead). Crossing  my fingers that will change this weekend because I'm ready to get this show on the road.
(Don't worry Dad, we're not eloping.. yet. Okay I kid, I kid. We're not eloping I promise)

Anyway, as of 4pm today I am on vacation for two weeks and there's lots to look forward too. :)
Nadav's sister in law is about to have a baby, we may be flying to Florida, and holy moley I don't have to go to work for two weeks.
Hip to the hip hooray. =P
(Okay and another major perk, I'm Jewish which means I don't have to stress about buying Christmas gifts for lots and lots of people, but I still get to enjoy pretty Christmas lights. It's a good deal my friends, a very good deal.)

Wishing you a very very sweet weekend and an amazing break from work if you get to enjoy one too.


angelaremondi said...

I can't even imagine the stress of planning a wedding! I'm sure everything will come together for you though, and I look forward to seeing how everything comes together :)

xo www.inventedromance.blogspot.ca

Treasure Tromp said...

oh man, we've been engaged for 10 months and don't have a venue yet either! Don't worry, friend, you're not alone!

Melissa said...

Ha, yeah, wedding planning was a pain...which is why we ended up scrapping the whole thing and getting married in Vegas :-) Btw I actually regret that decision and wished we would have just gone with a really simple DIY wedding instead. Good luck!!


Crazy Shenanigans-JMO said...

Good luck with the venue!


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