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Thursday, January 9, 2014

New Year New You

New Year, New You...
or not really.

Honestly, I'm not really big on resolutions (I know I know you've never heard that before.. =P) but I like to set goals.

This year my goals are pretty simple.
- Get hitched, tie the knot, or you know get married. ;) More importantly stop stressing about the things I cannot control that are wedding related. Everything will work out.
- Laugh more
- Take my camera off of the Auto and "P" settings more, and really work on playing with aperture and shutter speed.
- Be the best girlfriend turned wife(y), daughter, sister, auntie, friend, occupational therapist, and uhh acquaintance I can be.
- Work out 4x a week
- Turn our house into a cozy inviting home where I am proud to invite guests.
- On that note, host my first dinner party and monthly game (and wine) nights ;)
- Continue blogging because I love it, and for no other reason.
- Fix up our front yard... and maybe fix up our backyard too
- Travel to at least 3 wonderful places I have never experienced before

What goals have you set for the next year?


Abra said...

I started off the year with new year, new hair! :) I have similar goals--work out 4x a week, keep a (not messy!) inviting home, be a supportive girlfriend (and feel luck to have a wonderful boyfriend), and work hard at my job to achieve my career goals. Happy New Year to you! :)

Eesh said...

These are pretty darn good goals!

This year I plan to start at least two new businesses, travel at least 3 times and join a new church. Somewhere that I can feel comfortable and not judged.

Eesh | The Other Side of Paradise


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