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Friday, February 28, 2014

As Of Late

I know I know, I've been overloading my blog with Emily's photos from our engagement shoot but I can't help myself. They're just soooo good. 

Of Note:
- Last night I learned that leaving my car on for 45 minutes is not a good idea. Especially when I am charging my phone in the car, talking to my mom on aforementioned phone, and leaving my lights. $130 and a new car battery later........ things could definitely be worse. ;)

- I made hard boiled eggs for the very first time on Wednesday night. Yes, the very first time and it was so easy, who would have known? =P

- Spending a few silly hours at happy hour with good friends is so so good for the soul, especially when you are all so excited that one of your friends is pregnant. Congratulations Lisa, we are so flipping excited for you! XO

- Nadav and I recently watched the documentary Happy and it really made us think. We're now working on telling each other good things that happened during the day before we go to sleep. I know I know, let's all say "awwwwww". Jokes aside, I really think there is something great about stopping each day and appreciating the little things that made you smile. Side note the older Japanese women in the movie were my very favorite. ;)

- We have our first catering tasting this weekend and I am pretty stoked about the whole thing. Oh wedding planning progress, you feel gooooood.

- I woke up this morning to the sound of rain and ahhh it is one of the sweetest sounds, as long as it doesn't happen for weeks in a row. #truth

Happy Weekend To You


Erica Jacquline said...

Your engagement pics are beautiful! I love that documentary, I actually use part of it in my psychology class i teach, my students have all responded to it too. Great reminders to be grateful for what we have.

Sam | ashore said...

Tammy, your engagement pictures are just perfect! Joshua Tree is such a special place and your photos look easy, and beautiful and best of all FUN! thx for sharing!


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