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Tuesday, February 25, 2014


Happiness Is
1. Sunday, binge watching House of Cards Season 2, and a random Monday off of work. Aahhh yeahhh.
2. Samoas, I just can't support calling them Caramel delites. Come on now.
3. Sunset bike rides
4. That feeling you get when you walk up to the Disneyland gates and hear, "All aboard the Disneyland Limited". It's the little things you know? ;)
5. A man that always always supports me.
6. Getting closer and closer to my future sister and brother in law. There's nothing more important than family.
7. Successfully cooking something new for the very first time.
8. Sitting at the dining room table, looking out the window, and watching the sun rise as I eat breakfast. Sigh I love mornings, always have, always will.
9. The set of 6 coffee mugs I bought from Crate & Barrel when Nadav and I first moved in together. I always, always drink my coffee out of those mugs.
10. Going somewhere new for the very first time, exploring the world is pretty much my most favorite thing.

Wishing you a wonderful week


Erica Jacquline said...

I totally agree about Disneyland and going somewhere new too. I love the feeling of walking around a new place and seeing it and experiencing it for the first time.

Simply Evani said...

#4!!! :) <3


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