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Friday, February 14, 2014

Hope Love and Stuff

Photo by Emily Reiter
Hope your weekend is filled with love, and the people who make you smile and laugh the most. 

We're planning on spending the latter part of Valentine's Day at Disneyland (silly work gets in the way of fun things like full day spent at Disneyland, whatevs. hehe), celebrating love at Olivia and Brian's wedding, and well, wedding planning because that's pretty much all we do these days. ;)

Wishing you a very happy weekend


Emily Baker said...

cute cute picture :)

Anonymous said...

Such a sweet picture! I love that you two are celebrating the day at Disneyland; it's so fun to just go play and be silly with one another. Happy Valentine's and happy wedding planning! :)

Lauren said...

beautiful picture. happy valentine's day

gina said...

love the photo! you guys look perfect and emily is the best :).


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