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Thursday, February 13, 2014

Kings Highway

After a long, and very fun, day in Joshua Tree taking engagement photos Nadav, Emily, and I are were pooped and very hungry. As far as we knew there aren't too many restaurant options around Joshua Tree (but feel free to correct me if you have recommendations =) ) and we decided to make the drive to Palm Springs for dinner at the Ace Hotel's Restaurant King's Highway. I've been to Kings Highways for a brunch, but was excited to try it for a little din-din.

We all really really enjoyed our foods, cocktails, and the oh so hipster-ish vibe that is the Ace Hotel & Swim Club. You know sometimes a little hipster in your life feels good. (LOL okay just smile and nod, I know sometimes I make ridiculous comments. Work with me here =P)

I ordered a Pimms #32, Emily had a Maneater (tehehe, silly name), and Nadav abstained because he was the designated driver which conveniently made it possible for me to take a post dinner car nap all the way home, oops

Emily's El Cubano sandwich, Nadav's Amigo Burger, and my ALT. Emily and Nadav really enjoyed their entrees and I thought my sandwich needed a little more flavor.

But holy moleyyyy, the flourless chocolate cake (naturally it was in a mason jar) was OH SO good. I highly recommend it.

We had an amazing time on Saturday. Thank you so much Emily for making our engagement session relaxed, beautiful, and lovey dovey. We had so much fun with you. :)


Lauren said...

I actually just booked Emily for my engagement photos as well! She is amazing!

Crazy Shenanigans-JMO said...

You always eat the most attractive food!


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