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Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Friday Date Night

Nadav and I have a tendency to get lazy on Friday nights. We're both tired after work and just want to grab takeout, plop on the couch, and pass out by 10pm. (Okay maybe I'm the one that passes out at 10pm. But hey, at least I'm consistent. I've been lame on Friday nights since college. All of my friends would go out on Friday nights, and I would be more than content staying home and watching TV. What can I say, I'm cool like that =P)

Anyway last Friday evening was beautiful in San Diego, and Nadav and I were inspired. We got out of the house, took the most beautiful walk along Mission Bay, and even went out for sushi afterwards. (cough I stilll wore my yoga pants and my hair was a hot mess hehe)

I so heart San Diego


Erica Jacquline said...

Beautiful photos! I am a friday night stay in gal too. it is so hard to get out after a week of work.

Rachel said...

Oh my gosh, how beautiful! I am the same way with date nights. Ordering thai and opening a bottle of wine is perfect as far as I am concerned. I fight to stay awake since C is such a night owl, and I am a sleeper.

Alli Lizer said...

We would get along famously. I like going out but for that lovely evening walk you're talking about.

Hey, what's wrong with yoga pants? :P I think they've become an acceptable form of pants in society!

Glad you and Nadav could get out for a date night. They're so important so why are they difficult for us to schedule in? The photos are beautiful. Thanks for sharing!


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