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Friday, March 14, 2014


Photo by CLB Creative, thanks Casey for capturing this awesome moment of Cara-Mia, Emily, and me!
I know I've said it before, but this week kicked my butt. Sure, I like having an extra hour of sunlight like everyone else, but having to be at work at 7:30am and the time change do not mesh well together. Okay, I'm done complaining, thank you for your time. =P

Point is, I think a happy list is in order.
1. The sweet coconut smell I'm pleasantly surprised by every time I've gotten into my car this week. #ILoveMeAGoodAirFreshner
2. Okay I'm going to go there... the flipping fantastic summery weather we've had lately. Yes, it's been 80 degrees all week, and I do feel good about it.
3. Celebrating "my person's" birthday this weekend. True, I am referring to Nadav, and I admit it, we're one of those annoying couples that refers to each other as "my person".
4.  Spring break is on the horizon, can I get a helllls yes. #WorkingAtASchoolHasItsPerks
5. Cooking a yummy meal, who would have thought? I know I know, I pretty much went my entire life without cooking anything besides, um, toast and scrambled eggs, but over the past months something changed. I've actually started to enjoy the process of putting together a meal at home versus having to leave the house and going out to eat. #gettingold
6. Pretty nail polish that doesn't chip, um immediately. Deborah Lippman, I fully support you.
7. Nadav's laugh, it's kinda silly.
8. When wonderful things happen to the most deserving people. Mazal Tov Gila Joon, I HEART YOU.
9. Watching the sunrise, enjoying my coffee, reading blogs
10. All of you, thanks for allowing me share my thoughts with you. :)


He Calls Me Grace said...

All of those summery things! Great list :)

Sarah Chong said...

Ah, this is such a nice list! :) I'm new to your blog (thanks for the recommendation, Feedly!) - I'm looking forward to reading through and having a catch up!

Crazy Shenanigans-JMO said...

Ahh, warm weather and everything that it can bring!


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