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Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Nadav's OB Birthday

Nadav's birthday was on Sunday and we celebrated all weekend. It was wonderful, and he so deserves it. That man works so hard, makes me smile, is so selfless, always takes care of everyone around him, and well... he just makes my world go round.
I'm so thankful for him.

On Saturday we had a party at our house with the people we love the most, and Sunday was all about the two of us. We slept in, had a lazy brunch by the beach, and explored Ocean Beach. It was perfect.

We had brunch at Shades Oceanfront Bistro in Ocean Beach. The food was decent but the views were worth it. ;) Also Nadav's eggs benedict looked like a cross between breasts and a face, but you know that's neither here nor there


Sarah Chong said...

Looks like a fun day! (The breast eggs made me laugh because that's exactly what I thought when I saw them! :D )

Alli Lizer said...

Haha. I'll join the train and I see I thought BOOBS when I saw the breakfast.

This looks like a great time. Happy belated birthday!


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