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Wednesday, March 19, 2014


Ridiculous as it is, the thought of planning a dinner or party makes me super anxious. I know I know, it's silly, but I think most of my apprehension has to do with my mom's amazing hostess skill. She is such a great hostess and I always worry that I'm not doing enough. Earlier this year I made a resolution, to overcome my hosting fears and invite people over more for dinners and parties. Nadav's birthday was last weekend and I took the opportunity to take the first step in overcoming my silly fears. I decorated a bit, ordered Persian food (okay maybe I should have cooked but hey, we all have to start somewhere =P), and invited family and our closest friends over for a party.
The end result? A loud, happy, and full home that was filled by the people (and kids) we love the most. Sure I was nervous before but it was so so worth it when I saw how happy Nadav was, it's been a long  time since we've celebrated his birthday at our home and he couldn't stop smiling. I think we may have started a tradition here.

It's true, I really really love a full home (and a happy fiance).

Oh and hey, here are some things I did to help me over come my party planning anxieties ;)
1. Send out an invitation about a month in advance to force myself to commit to the process =P
2. Write out all the things I will need (e.g. tables, chairs, plates, etc.) about 3 weeks before and check them off as I take care of them
3. Order catering! It sure beats cooking the morning of the party hehe (I know, I know I'm still a bit ridiculous
4. Find a good mix party mix on Spotify and Pandora and let it run during the entire party
5. Drink... but not too much. Relaxation is key ;)


Cara-Mia said...

Looks like a good time! You did well, my friend. :)

Cece said...

Not ridiculous at all! I'm anxious about hosting AND having a lot of people in my house but I always have such a great time when people come over. I've never hosted a party and regretted it. I don't blame you one bit for ordering food.

Lauren said...

please, I am having ONE friend over for dinner tonight and I'm already making a mental list

1. clean the house
2. buy wine
3. make sure dishes are all clean

Rachel said...

What a lovely party! And not ridiculous at all to order catering; that's just smart. Hosting also stresses me out. I think that I may end up making a similar resolution to get better at it.
- Rachel @ With Love, Rachel


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