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Thursday, April 3, 2014

As Of Late

Photo by the amazing Emily Reiter of Anna Delores Photography, flower crown by Stella Bloom Design and design, styling hair and makeup by Vanessa Noel Events
As Of Late
Well spring break has treated me well. Okay it's treated me a little too well and the idea of going back to work next week is a little depressing, but hey things could be worse. I'm thankful that I have a job I enjoy... most of the time. =P

Did you know that McDonald's is giving out FREE COFFEE during morning hours until April 13?! Ya I didn't either, but their coffee is delicious and you should go get yourself some! And thennnn, you can tweet a picture of your free coffee or favorite #McCafe drink (I love their iced coffees) to @McCafe and be entered to win free coffee from McDonald's for a year. Sweet deal right?!

Have you been to Pacific Beach before? If you have then you've most definitely seen Slomo slowly gliding along the boardwalk in his rollerblades. A short documentary was just released about his incredible story. Who knew this beach bum used to be a neurosurgeon?? Check out his story here. I love hearing about people who have left their day jobs to follow their true passions. ;)

I am still in the market for a ticket to Coachella. Help? Pretty pretty please with cherries and sprinkles on top.

Speaking of Coachella, I love me some bohemian style clothing and I am drooling over everything pretty at Free People. I just went through the entire dresses tab on their site and tried to pick a few favorites to share, butttt I failed because I love everything. #Ihaveproblems #Muststayawayfromthemall

According to my handy little phone countdown app we are now 87 days from our wedding?! #whatthewhat!! It's true what they say, time really is flying by. Things are settling down, vendors are booked, and invitations will be going out soon. I am sooooooo excited to marry my best friend in one of our very favorite places, and celebrate with our favorite people. Ahhh the magicalness of it all ;)

New York City, a surprise concert, and warm coffee. I like it.

This post was created in partnership with McDonald's. All thoughts and opinions are my own.


Melissa said...

Very cool about SLOMO - I definitely want to check out the documentary!


Jess Loves This Life said...

How neat that McDonald's is giving away free coffee! I rarely go there, and when I do it's actually mostly for their hazelnut iced coffee. Truthfully I think their coffee is a softer/better flavor than Starbucks! Does that make me a terrible blogger?? Haha :)

Britt said...

You look absolutely gorgeous!!!
And I regularly visit Free People and fill my cart with $1000s worth of dresses that I can't afford :(. Such a tease!


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