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Friday, April 18, 2014

Coachella Coachella Coachella

Coachella Day 3.

Slept in. Headache. Took another shower to try and get all the dirt and sand off of from the previous nights sandstorm, still not completely successful. Lots of coffee.

Checked in to at our second hotel, the fancy schmancy Westin Mission Hills Resort and Spa. A few days before Coachella I saw a really great Priceline deal on the hotel and snatched it right up. It's right on the Coachella shuttle line, which is very convenient, but I found the hotel to be a little too.... mhm family focused for Coachella. The hotel grounds were absolutely beautiful but I think I would have felt more comfortable with a younger more relaxed crowd. Either way, it was a great deal and a beautiful hotel.

We had a really yummy brunch at one of the resort's restaurants and hopped on the shuttle to Coachella.

We spent most of Sunday at the Sahara Tent and it was basically the best day ever. We pretty much danced for 8 hours straight to the most incredible DJs I had ever heard.... until we saw Calvin Harris on the main Coachella stage. Holy crap he was AMAZING. But I digress, the energy in the Sahara Tent was unlike anything I had ever experienced. People everywhere, pounding music, and lots and lots of jumping. We had sooooooooooo much fun and one of my very very favorite parts of Coachella.

The infamous Coachella astronaut

End of the night, can you tell? =P


Crazy Shenanigans-JMO said...

I absolutely love the Do Not Touch sign and the girl sitting on it.


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