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Monday, April 7, 2014

Cody's La Jolla

Big News Today Friends:
I just found my new very very favorite brunch spot in La Jolla, or even all of San Diego, and Cody's La Jolla I'm talking about you.

You have....
One of the very best ocean views in La Jolla
Really really, delicious, fresh food
Large portions that are easily shared
Dangerously good cocktails
Friendly service, and that "hey take your time enjoying those cocktails even if we have an hour wait" vibe (okay while dinning I really enjoyed that vibe, while waiting in line I probably would not have enjoyed myself so much =P)
The cutest little cottage space, I really appreciate the beautifully designed menus and modern yet cozy decor.

What more could this San Diego girl want? Not much, I tell you.. not much.
Cody's La Jolla, I will be seeing you real soon.

My friend and I both ordered lemon thyme spritzers, SOO soo GOOD in that I could easily drink three of these and would clearly that would lead to lots of problems kinda way. We also shared challah french toast (decadent and so so delicious) and the healthy breakfast salad which was actually one of the yummiest salads I've had in a long time.


ashley p said...

ahhhh! seriously i'm uber jealous of you. I miss la jolla! :)

Lauren said...

ah! i was just in la jolla a week ago...guess I will have to go back :)

Lacey Horst said...

oh my gosh, that place looks heavenly.


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