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Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Honda Fit 2015

A story about a blogger (that would be me, just in case you need some clarification) who sat on a windowsill at a hotel in Downtown San Diego, asked her man to take an "artsy" photo of her, and pretended to contemplate life while quickly placing her third glass of champagne on the floor before the photo was taken.

Aforementioned blogger does this blogging thing for fun, but every once in awhile she gets to participate in some ridiculously cool opportunities due to this little blog. A few weekends ago, for example, she got invited to try out the 2015 Honda Fit and partake in a little staycation with her fiance at the Andaz Hotel. Let's be honest, she knows very little about cars buttttt she does know and love her city, and what do you know.. she used to drive a first generation Honda Fit. This opportunity was a perfect match I tell you.

So they wined and dined, and rubbed elbows with people who were way fancier than her and knew way more about cars than her, and she basically decided that when her current car lease is up she is getting herself a brand new Honda Fit 2015. Technical details aside, the car is so comfortable, drives so smoothly, anddd the rearview and sideview camera are soooo awesome especially for someone who has been cough, known to "bump into" certain things in her car's vicinity. Okay and the voice controls, huge navigation screen, XM Radio and Pandora hookups don't suck! All right, anddd she can never find her keys in my purse so the keyless engine start up thing is right up her alley.

Okay, story-time is over, and I am all finished writing in the third person. You can stop rolling your eyes now. =P

#messyhairdontcare =P
See we really did wine & dine ;)

We were asked which color we wanted to drive for the day and well... I couldn't help but think, "what other time in my life will I get the opportunity to drive such a yellow car." hehe. Nadav and I spent the day driving around San Diego in our little neon yellow Honda Fit, playing with the car's settings, and man just thoroughly enjoyed ourselves. It was so much fun!

And this friends, is the main reason I miss my old Honda Fit. The back seats lay completely flat and you are able to literally fit everything into this little car. Seriously, we put two bikes, two surfboards, and a bunch of other beachy things into the car. True story: I literally fit a dinning room table and six chairs into my first generation Honda Fit when we moved from our old apartment to our house. These cars are magical.
Oh and just in case you want to know what color Honday Fit I want to get when my current lease is up...

Side note: have you ever wondered what it's like to have a see-through shower (aka a Glass Cage of Emotions for all you Anchorman fans out there. All right if you're not a fan of Anchorman you probably shouldn't read my blog =P) in your hotel room....
Happy Hump Day Friends :)


Lauren said...

Did you like the Andaz? We are staying there next weekend for a Padres games and my fiance's birthday!

Cara-Mia said...

I remember when the Fit came out! I was still teaching back then and in need of a new car, and I came very close to getting one of those! (Buuuut I'm glad I didn't because 1. my dad gave me his newish car instead and 2. I got pink slipped and wouldn't have been able to afford it after that!) However, next time we DO have to get a car, I'd like a Honda or Toyota. So I'm glad to hear the Fit is awesome. :)

Jane {In The Pink & Green} said...

This looks like so much fun and the Fit is such an adorable car! I actually really like that bright color :)

Anna said...

I looooooove my Honda Fit!!! Makes me happy to see when people give them awesome shout-outs too!! :)


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