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Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Balboa Park

Oh San Diego, you're just popping with beautiful places, and I can't get enough... okay, except for those random weekends where I go on little getaways to the desert. Those are also my favorite ;) (I took my mom on a surprise Mother's Day trip to Palm Springs last weekend and it was perfection, but more on that later =P)

But I digress, a few weeks ago I spent the afternoon wandering around Balboa Park with two of my very best girlfriends. There's no question about it, Balboa Park is a very special place. If you're visiting San Diego, I definitely recommend spending an afternoon exploring the park and visiting the museums. :)

Checkout my California state necklace by Vinca Jewelry. You gotta represent when you live in a place as beautiful as CA =P


Jess Loves This Life said...

Balboa Park is my most favorite place in San Diego! I could spend hours there! I went there every week when I was in college but haven't been back for a while. You just reminded me that I need to go! :)


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