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Friday, May 16, 2014


Happy List
1. Our city, and the firefighters who worked so hard over the past couple of days to save it. I heart San Diego.
2. The random heat wave that lead to a surprise mid-week afternoon beach session with my man. (Okay it was so hot that I may have had trouble sleeping through the night, but it was worth it. =P)
3. This blog. I know, I know, I've been neglecting it lately because wedding planning and having fun have taken precedent to sitting in front of my computer (how horrrrible of me, right? =P). However, I really am thankful for the times I do sit down to write, post pictures, and connect with all of you. 
4. Watching my Gila Joon become a Doctor this weekend. You are amazing my friend! Can't wait to see you graduate.
5. The sweet (and sometimes very funny) notes people have written on our wedding RSVPs. Come them coming. ;)
6. This pilates studio, and pilates in general. I started taking classes in September and haven't looked back, pilates has changed my body in so many ways. If you haven't tried pilates reformer yet DO IT. It is the very best workout I have done in a long time.
7. Kissing.
8. A desert weekend filled with sun, pool time, and lots of bonding with my mom. She makes me so happy.
9. Watching Nadav build our first chuppah (Okay it was the "first" because he built one. I thought it was too big and made him cut it, but now I think it's too short, and kinda told him he needs to build another one. He hates me is slightly annoyed with me right now. =P)
10. Just thinking about this summer and what it will bring. Yayyyy!


Kate Marie said...

How Cute!

I love this post. I wanna steal this idea! It's amazing.

<3 newest follower


DJ said...

I agree on the pilates -- when I went to pilates twice a week, I practically had a six pack! I need to find an (affordable) place here. I bet its even more expensive in San Diego. I also want to try stand up paddleboard pilates this summer!

How cool that Nadav is building your chuppah! And I say you're allowed to be picky about something like that :) Did you ever find a ketubah??

Abra said...

Have you ever done mat pilates? I'm trying to decide if I'm going to take the plunge and start adding pilates into my workout routine...


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