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Monday, July 28, 2014

Kauai Trip Advice Anyone?

The husband and I are heading to Kauai tomorrow morning and we are soooo excited. Normally, I obsess over what we should do and where we should eat when we travel, but this time around I've fought the urge to plan every second of our trip (I know, I know I'm that girl). We want to leave lots of room for relaxing and hanging out at the beach but want to make sure we don't miss out on the must do's of Kauai.

Help a blogger out here. Okay a blogger who has seriously neglected her blog lately. ;)
What do we HAVE to do? Where should we eat? Did you go on any amazing hikes? Where did you snorkel? We can't decide.. when we visit the Napali Coast should we do a helicopter ride or a catamaran tour? (okay so I did do a little research because I am intense like that about traveling hehe)

Can't wait to hear what you have to say!


molly said...

So much advice! Husband and I went there in May. 1) DEFINITELY do a helicopter ride. It's truly the only way to experience the beauty of Napali. We did Jack Rogers tours (by the airport)- the copters are OPEN DOOR and SO exhilarating. We got to see all of these sites where famous movies were filmed too.

For food - we only stayed in Princeville so if you're there, go to the Hanalei Pier for Pat's Tacqueria. I know, you're from SD, I used to live in SD but these fish crispy tacos were life-changing. We ate there 2x in 3 days!

For dinner, we had dinner at Postcard Inn and it was lovely. Fish/vegetarian only- insanely fresh. Doesn't take reservations- we waited for ~45 min for a table.

I've heard great things about Bar Acuda too - make reservations first... you can do that on Open Table.

Even if you're not staying in Princeville, come up to the St. Regis for the most breathtaking sunset over the Hanalei Bay. You can get there around 5:30/6 for the champagne saboring and toast at sunset. The St. Regis bar is lovely and you could head to dinner afterwards in Hanalei Bay (where Postcard Inn, Bar Acuda, etc is).

There's a great sushi restaurant in Hanalei Bay as well but I don't like sushi so I don't remember the name.

We hiked 2 miles out and back (4 total) of the 1st part of the Napali Coast. It was actually pretty hard (it rains a lot so the rocks get slippery). Go early when it's a little more cool and also when it's easier to find parking. You'll drive past Hanalei Bay and keep going til the road pretty much ends at the start of Napali Coast. BRING LOTS OF WATER! We each brought 16oz and it was NOT enough. Wear sneakers or sandals that are meant for hiking. You'll be dirty/muddy up to your legs and it'll be totally worth it.

Also, Secret Beach and the lighthouse make a nice afternoon trip. Don't get in the water at Secret Beach because the currents there are dangerously strong BUT there are local surfers there that are awesome to watch.

Enjoy! Kaui is best. Simply magical. The best vacation ever!

Tammy @ Lemons, Avocados and the Bay said...

Hey Molly,
THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR ALL YOUR INPUT. We will put it to very good use. :)

carly said...

I was there two years ago with family and LOVED Kauai. It has a feel to it that you don't find on any of the other islands. We stayed in Kapaa, so we were central to both the North and South areas of the island. I personally thought Waimea Canyon was a bit disappointing. It was gorgeous, don't get me wrong, but was not as grand as we were expecting. If you do go down toward the Waimea Canyon area seek out JoJo's shaved ice- it is a MUST. I can't remember the exact location of it, but I do remember it looking pretty sketchy and being near a high school (you can see the football field from their patio). They had, hands down, the BEST shaved ice. Example? You can choose from multitudes of ice cream flavors to put in it (like macadamia nut- drooling over here) and they had dozens of flavors.

We did the catamaran tour up the Nepali coast and I would highly, highly recommend that. Granted I've never done a helicopter tour, so that could trump the catamaran tour, BUT it was so cool being on a boat and getting to go up the coast. We had dolphins swim alongside us, the chance to snorkel in an uncrowded, open area... it was just the coolest. And speaking of the Nepali Coast, you can hike a portion of it but it WILL be slippery no matter what kind of shoes you're wearing. I wore hiking shoes and was still slipping all over the place. So be careful! We hiked down to a little enclosed pocket beach (I think it was about 2 miles each way) and brought a lunch. There are also tons of cats that wander in and out and around the beach. The surf was too rough to swim when we were there (late September/October), but it was a rewarding and fairly easy hike minus the slippery path.

And a off the beaten path but amazing recc: DO THE LITHIFIED CLIFFS! They are listed online as the Makawehi Lithified Cliffs and are over near Poipu. To get to them, you walk down to the beach, steer yourself to the left and climb the short distance onto these gorgeous, gorgeous cliffs. There are crazy people who jump from them, but they are a fantastic photo opp for sunset/sunrise photos.

Another off the beaten path recc: Queen's Bath. It's a little trick to navigate to, but oh so worth it. Go EARLY and watch the tide schedule! You can't swim in them if the tide's are too high and it can get quite dangerous. The entrance to Queen's Bath is in this little neighborhood and it's a short hike down, but it was one of the coolest little gems we found. Go Google it and I bet you'll find info on how to get there!

Have an absolutely wonderful time-- like I said above, Kauai is one of my favorite islands. We spent nearly 3 weeks there and were dragging our feet to get on the airplane home.

Kelly Haddad said...

Kauai Eco Sporting Clays! Skeet shooting with Zack was one of the most fun parts of our trip there!

Loves Happy Hour said...

Waimea Canyon, Wailua River, Spouting horn, Kilohana plantation, Hanalei, to name a few sights to see..
Check out Goldfish Kiss she used to live in Kauai http://goldfishkiss.com/

Some advice, if you're planning on going hiking stay on the trails, if there's signs saying not to go beyond there or that it's dangerous it probably is. I live on Oahu, and you don't know how many accidents happen on all islands with tourists getting injured because they didn't follow the signs or tried to explore an unfamiliar area. I know while on vacation people get very excited, but just use caution when exploring.
Try the food, some things may seem odd, but most of it is awesome! POKE is a must! I would suggest going to a luau also, it's always fun.

Enjoy yourself! It's been hotter than normal, but still awesome!!

Treasure Tromp said...

oh man, I love Kauai so much!! I wrote a few posts about it here: http://treasuretromp.com/tag/kauai/

We stayed in Hanalei, the cutest little area of the island. Make sure that you drive our to Waimea Canyon, helicopter tour if you can swing it, Postcard Inn for dinner, hike a few trials, and lots and lots of beach time!


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