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Monday, August 18, 2014


On our third day in Kauai we headed out early and drove north to Hideaways Beach. Hideaways has about 10 parking spots, and even at 8am they were all taken.... so much for sleeping in on vacations eh? ;)

Luckily, Hideaways is right next to the St. Regis Resort... and their oh so friendly valet parking service. We ended up valeting at the resort, and surprise surprise valet is complimentary. We left our valuables in the car and started the hike down to Hideaways. The hike takes about 15 minutes and is straight downhill. There are ropes to hold onto while you hike down, but I definitely slipped a few times. The views, the sand, the snorkeling... they took my breath away, and the schlep down to the water was so so worth it. Hideaways was definitely one of my favorite places in Kauai.

Oh and then if one wanted to they could crash the St. Regis pool for a few hours...... not that we would know anything about doing that. Cough wink wink. If you need towels just write down a fake hotel room number and fake last name when you walk up to the pool towel guy, but really we wouldn't know anything about that. Just make sure you tip the valet well when you leave. ;)

It rains in Northern Kauai, a lot. Usually, the rain comes for about 5-10 minutes, and the sun comes right out. Either way, I would recommend bringing waterproof bags like we did to keep your stuff dry while you're in the water. While we were snorkeling at Hideaways a major downpour hit... and it was kind of amazing to feel water pouring down on us while we swam. Aahhh Kauai.

After snorkeling we stopped at the Kilauea Fish Market for lunch and it was... okay. Very overpriced and just okay tasting. ;) We also took in the views at Kilauea Lighthouse and stopped for shave ice in Kapaa.

We spent that evening at Hanapepe Art Night and really, really enjoyed it. Hanapepe is a small little town on the way to the west side of Kauai that holds a little art night every Friday night. Art studios stay open, food trucks come out, and performers line the street. Hanapepe Art Night made for a sweet little date night on a very sleepy island. :)


ashley p said...

looks beautiful! and what a magical time with the storm coming in! that's crazy .. it's like every nicolas spark movie ever created only in real life and on your honeymoon! haha!

ashley @ sunnysideshlee.com


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