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Tuesday, September 30, 2014

It's Just Too Hot

San Diegans are not used to heat and humidity. Ughh humidity. A lot of us don't have air conditioning because there's usually no need for it, but about 2 weeks ago it was so hot in Southern California that we all wanted to vomit, spend the entire day at the pool, cough up the money for air conditioning couldn't deal. I know, I know I sound very spoiled but I swear, living in San Diego kinda sets you up for that kinda thing.

On one such freakishly hot day, Nadav and I had elaborate plans to go surfing on the way to Orange County to visit my parents, but we made a little detour and ended up at Disneyland. Surree, we'll go on a ride or two, it will be wayyy too hot to stay any longer than that.

Wrong-O friends. Wrong-O.

It was so flipping hot that California Adventures and Disneyland were almost empty and it was fabulous. We spent the entire day at California Adventures, walked onto most rides, and welp went on the log ride a few times.

Okayyyy and prior to that wonderful day I had actually sweet talked my way out of riding the Tower of Terror. "No no.. the line is just way too long, let's go get a margarita instead," was one of my best lines. Unfortunately we had no such excuse that day and we made it on the Tower of Terror. I am kind of a baby when it comes to heights, but I loooooooved the Tower of Terror. Seriously, how could I have avoided it all this time. It is now officially one of my very  favorite rides at Disneyland. If you're planning a trip to California Adventures make sure you go on Tower of Terror it is AWESOME.

There's even a winery at California Adventures. Sigghh I love it.

Oh you know, just rocking heart sunglasses over my eyeglasses. Nothing know here, carry on.

We stopped in at California Adventure's Wine Country Trattoria's bar and lounge for dinner. We both ordered a wine flight and shared a couple of appetizers. It was our first time there and we really enjoyed it. :) 

The entrance to Disneyland during Halloween time is so so good.

Oh Disneyland you make me feel like a little kid again. ;)


Cece said...

I actually don't mind the heat but I know I'm one of the few...we also do have AC so I'm pretty sure that's part of it. I had no idea Ca Adventure had a Winery.

Ciel Belle said...

I love tower of terror! I remember when I used to have a pass (or used to be able to afford the pass) we would go to the park when it opens and ride that thing until a line forms.

I miss disneyland!

Britt said...

I want heat! It's low 70s here in Virginia and I'm just bracing myself for my first real winter in 3 years :(
Disneyland looks amazing!


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