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Friday, January 16, 2015

Getting Ready

Waking up on your wedding day is a weird thing, isn't it? You wake up, and know that your life is about to officially change forever and ever. 

You reach for the bedside table and decide you can't wait to read the letter your husband-to-be wrote for you even though you're really not supposed to read the letter until right before your first look. (Okay maybe that was just me, but I decided that I couldn't wait. =P).

 You obviously start crying, that's probably also just me, but I cried about 500 times that day.

You get up, decide you need to keep it cool, and get some coffee with two of your best friends who have spent the night in a hotel room with you. 

The three of you walk along the beach and you become freakishly calm.... well you stay calm until you're ready and realize it's time for your first look with your soon to be husband.Then you start freaking the crap out on the inside because ohmygod you're getting married today, but pretend you're totally cool. ;)

Honestly, all the excitement and nerves aside, our wedding day was without a doubt the very best day of my life. Everyday I'm thankful that I get to call Nadav my husband. There's no one else I would rather go through life with.

The beautiful Pantai Inn

My mommy, isn't she gorgeous?

White "getting wedding ready" robes weren't really my thing. I opted for a colorful funky one instead. At least I know what I like right?! ;)

Have I ever mentioned how much of a Daddy's girl I am? Because well I am a huggge Daddy's girl. Let's just say I cried every time my dad came near me on our wedding day. It was a slight problem hehe.

I wore my grandma's wedding ring on our wedding day. She was probably the strongest woman I have ever known.

When you don't have bridesmaids, and your best friends have left you to get ready for your wedding, your brother has to step in and help you put on your grandma's earrings. That's love right there. 

I got ready for our wedding at the Pantai Inn at the La Jolla Cove, and I highly highly recommend it. It's a cozy, yet beautiful Balinese inspired hotel overlooking the ocean. It doesn't look like much from the outside but it's wonderful once you step on the grounds.

Our wedding was nontraditional in many ways. We chose to not have a bridal party, and instead had our immediate family stand under the chuppah with us. It was perfect, and so us... and our friends didn't have to worry about purchasing bridesmaid dresses and renting suits. I'm pretty sure they were stoked about that whole thing.

Franco from the Koda Salon did my hair (he cuts my hair regularly and I LOVE him), his friend Gustavo did my makeup (he rocked it!), our videographers Jack and Hannah were with us for every second of the day, and our amazing photographers Orange Owl Photography blew us away with how perfectly they captured our day. Thank you thank you thank you!!!


Jenna said...

Your mom looks like a movie star... You were a gorgeous bride.

Crazy Shenanigans-JMO said...

Love that robe! You looked great!

Jordan - Queen of LA! said...

more wedding posts! i love them!

Anonymous said...

LOVE your photos. They are so chic and beautiful!


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