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loves working out (yoga, pilates, + boot camp attendee)
- is always planning their next adventure
- definite California girl
- trying to improve her interior design skills
- is happy laying on the beach with a good book and a towel
loves her family and friends

- grew up in California
- will watch ANY movie
loves to surf
- definite computer nerd
- enjoys 80s music way too much
- working on becoming more handy
- loves his family and friends

- are loving + living in San Diego
- purchased our little run down beach bungalow in December 2010, and have been working on renovating it since then
- got engaged on December 31, 2012
-  got married on June 29, 2014 are happily setting into newlywed life
love to travel
- are the adventurous types, but are also happy spending Saturday night hanging out on the couch and watching movies
- are really just trying to figure out this whole "grown up" thing.


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