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Thursday, August 7, 2014

Happy List

The first glimpse into our fabulous wedding photos by Orange Owl Photography!! I can't wait to show you more
Happy List

1. A Kauai honeymoon that was the perfect mix of relaxation, adventure, and beauty.
2. Coming home from that Kauai honeymoon to San Diego. I just love my city so much.
3. Going to sleep and waking up the sounds and smell of the ocean. Did I mention that Kauai was beautiful. ;) My senses were quite pleased.
4. Coming back to this blog after a bit of a break, and feeling excited to write all over again. I missed this place.
5. Calling Nadav my husband. The novelty has yet to wear off.
6. Taking the time or organize and go through junk we really need to get rid of. Organization makes me smile. ;)
7. Catching up on all my favorite Bravo shows after a week away. It's the little things you know? =P
8. A manicure and pedicure. Aahhh
9. Snorkeling with sea turtles. They are seriously the most amazing animals.
10. Spending the afternoon at the beach with one of my very, very best friends and her family. Today will be a good day.

Friday, May 16, 2014


Happy List
1. Our city, and the firefighters who worked so hard over the past couple of days to save it. I heart San Diego.
2. The random heat wave that lead to a surprise mid-week afternoon beach session with my man. (Okay it was so hot that I may have had trouble sleeping through the night, but it was worth it. =P)
3. This blog. I know, I know, I've been neglecting it lately because wedding planning and having fun have taken precedent to sitting in front of my computer (how horrrrible of me, right? =P). However, I really am thankful for the times I do sit down to write, post pictures, and connect with all of you. 
4. Watching my Gila Joon become a Doctor this weekend. You are amazing my friend! Can't wait to see you graduate.
5. The sweet (and sometimes very funny) notes people have written on our wedding RSVPs. Come them coming. ;)
6. This pilates studio, and pilates in general. I started taking classes in September and haven't looked back, pilates has changed my body in so many ways. If you haven't tried pilates reformer yet DO IT. It is the very best workout I have done in a long time.
7. Kissing.
8. A desert weekend filled with sun, pool time, and lots of bonding with my mom. She makes me so happy.
9. Watching Nadav build our first chuppah (Okay it was the "first" because he built one. I thought it was too big and made him cut it, but now I think it's too short, and kinda told him he needs to build another one. He hates me is slightly annoyed with me right now. =P)
10. Just thinking about this summer and what it will bring. Yayyyy!

Thursday, April 24, 2014


Photo by the immensely talented Emily Reiter of Anna Delores Photography, flower crown by Stella Bloom Designs, and styling by Vanessa Noel Events
Because blog posts that are scheduled and all about things I've done and and places I've been to are fun, but glimpses of happiness are better.

Happy List
1. My bridal shower this weekend. I am so soo excited! :) #shitsgettingreal
2. Being able to laugh about the insane things that happen at work, you know like figuring out how to clean up a diarrhea accident that happened on a running treadmill. Oh the things that happen when you work with kids... #neverdidiever....
3. Coachella. Man that festival left me with such a high. Every time I think about that weekend, I smile. Every time I turn on the radio and hear a song I saw performed live at Coachella, I smile. Man, every time I talk about Coachella, I smile. Okayyy that weekend was wayyy too good. #takemeback
4. Introducing my new friends to old friends, and watching as they connect and become friends too. Aaahhh glorious friendship.
5. Feeling like the pieces of the wedding planning process are finally coming together. We are getting closerrrr. #IloveNadav
6. Getting older, and in some crazy way, realizing that I am becoming more and more comfortable with who I am today, and who I will become. #gettingolderisweird
7.  Pilates and how it makes me feel calm, strong, and oh so happy.
8. San Diego, it's beaches, it's people, and it's sunsets. There's just something so peaceful and relaxed about this place. I heart it so much.
9. Call me pretentious if you'd like, but man I love a good manicure and pedicure. I have an appointment today at Lulu's Beauty Shop in South Park and I have been looking forward to it allll week.
10. A cup of coffee, a bowl of oatmeal, morning light, and just a little bit of quiet before I head to work.

Friday, March 14, 2014


Photo by CLB Creative, thanks Casey for capturing this awesome moment of Cara-Mia, Emily, and me!
I know I've said it before, but this week kicked my butt. Sure, I like having an extra hour of sunlight like everyone else, but having to be at work at 7:30am and the time change do not mesh well together. Okay, I'm done complaining, thank you for your time. =P

Point is, I think a happy list is in order.
1. The sweet coconut smell I'm pleasantly surprised by every time I've gotten into my car this week. #ILoveMeAGoodAirFreshner
2. Okay I'm going to go there... the flipping fantastic summery weather we've had lately. Yes, it's been 80 degrees all week, and I do feel good about it.
3. Celebrating "my person's" birthday this weekend. True, I am referring to Nadav, and I admit it, we're one of those annoying couples that refers to each other as "my person".
4.  Spring break is on the horizon, can I get a helllls yes. #WorkingAtASchoolHasItsPerks
5. Cooking a yummy meal, who would have thought? I know I know, I pretty much went my entire life without cooking anything besides, um, toast and scrambled eggs, but over the past months something changed. I've actually started to enjoy the process of putting together a meal at home versus having to leave the house and going out to eat. #gettingold
6. Pretty nail polish that doesn't chip, um immediately. Deborah Lippman, I fully support you.
7. Nadav's laugh, it's kinda silly.
8. When wonderful things happen to the most deserving people. Mazal Tov Gila Joon, I HEART YOU.
9. Watching the sunrise, enjoying my coffee, reading blogs
10. All of you, thanks for allowing me share my thoughts with you. :)

Tuesday, February 25, 2014


Happiness Is
1. Sunday, binge watching House of Cards Season 2, and a random Monday off of work. Aahhh yeahhh.
2. Samoas, I just can't support calling them Caramel delites. Come on now.
3. Sunset bike rides
4. That feeling you get when you walk up to the Disneyland gates and hear, "All aboard the Disneyland Limited". It's the little things you know? ;)
5. A man that always always supports me.
6. Getting closer and closer to my future sister and brother in law. There's nothing more important than family.
7. Successfully cooking something new for the very first time.
8. Sitting at the dining room table, looking out the window, and watching the sun rise as I eat breakfast. Sigh I love mornings, always have, always will.
9. The set of 6 coffee mugs I bought from Crate & Barrel when Nadav and I first moved in together. I always, always drink my coffee out of those mugs.
10. Going somewhere new for the very first time, exploring the world is pretty much my most favorite thing.

Wishing you a wonderful week

Friday, January 24, 2014


Just a little happy list, because you know they are nicccccce (said in the Borat style if you will)

1. Nieces and nephews, there's just nothing better.
2. Giving nieces and nephews as much junk food and toys as you can when their parents aren't looking.
3. Hot chocolate, chocolate souffle, chocolate chip cookies, chocolate cupcakes... okay CHOCOLATE.
4. San Diego Restaurant Week! We went to Amaya on Sunday night and it was delishhhh. I also recommend The Marine Room and 1500 Ocean!
5. The empowered feeling that takes over after a serious butt kicking workout.
6. Okay, and the super relaxed, "all is well in the world" feeling after a seriously wonderful yoga class.
7. Finally signing the contract for, and putting a deposit down on our wedding venue. I mean really, can I get a HALLELUJAH over here? This is finally happening.
8. The first "cool-er" day after a series of summer-like winter days. I know, I know some people are literally freezing, but every once in a while I just want to snuggle up in a big coat and boots and enjoy it.
9. Nadav and I decided not to have a bridal party, but our friends are still planning fun celebrations for us. A bridal shower and bachelorette party for me, and a bachelor party for him. We are so lucky :) Okay maybe our friends are throwing us parties because they don't have to deal with all the stuff that comes with being in a bridal party. Kidding kidding, my friends, I Heart You A LOT.
10. And Friday, Friday, Fridayyy

Friday, November 15, 2013

The Warm Fuzzies

Photo by Charise Lewis Photography. Yes I've posted it before, buttt I still like it so here it is again =P

Things That Give Me The Warm Fuzzies

1. Going to our favorite little restaurants over and over, and feeling that familiar welcoming feeling. (Aka I'm a creature of habit and go to the same places where I order the same things all the time).

2. Okay, being a creature of habit. =P

2. My mom's cooking, always. It just doesn't get better.

3. Looking through photos of our Eurotrip and dreaming of our next vacay. #Imhappiestwhenavacationisonthehorizon =P

4. Knowing that I am finally getting closer to marrying the love of my life. Now if only  someone could take care of all the planning for me. Blah.

5. A mimosa filled brunch with some of my very best girl friends.

6. Pilates, and spinning, and circuit training, and boxing oh my. Okay I'm on a bit of a workout kick these days, now if only I could start eating better.

7. Talenti ice cream cones ignore what I said about making healthier choices in the above statement.

8. A new blog design that is in the works ;)

9. Friday, that is all.

10. All of you, thank for coming back here and taking the time out of your day to read the silly things I have to say.


Thursday, October 24, 2013

Little Things.

Photo by Charise Lewis Photography
Not going to lie, life has been on the stressful side lately. Nothing horrible but wedding planning is not exactly going as I would have liked, I have 15 assessments to complete and 15 IEPs to attend this month at work (I'm a school based occupational therapist), and man I just feel like time is slipping away faster than I'd like.

But ya know, life could most definitely be worse. Let's just focus on the positives eh? =P

1. I get to marry the love of my life this summer
2. The air is starting to feel just a little bit crisp in San Diego and it was almost a teensy bit cold-ish yesterday.
3. Boot season is going to be upon us sooner than later (see #2 for reference)
4. Nadav and I are visiting my brother in Santa Barbara next weekend! Have you heard about the madness that happens in Santa Barbara on Halloween? I can't wait. For the record, I am a fan of watching madness going down, and I am most definitely not a fan of getting involved in said madness.
5. Thanksgiving and the first night of Hanukkah are on the very same day this year. I am so ridiculously excited about the food that will be on the table that night.
6. I have worked out every single day this month, except for one day that I was sick, and I am proud. I also feel stronger and am definitely seeing changes in my body. Too bad I just ate 2 chocolate truffles, wamp wamp.
7. Last night I cooked up some steak and it was goooooood. This may not sound like a big deal but it is a huge deal for someone who literally went years without every making a meal that didn't consist of cereal, toast, or an omelette. #wishIwasexaggerating
8. The time changes on November 2. Oh how lovely that extra hour of sleep will feel. =P
9. I have this little blog that has brought so many great people and experiences into my life. Thanks for taking the time to stop by, reading, and commenting. It really means a lot to me.
10. I mean really, I live in San Diego and that in itself is pretty awesome.

Okay Thursday.
Let's do this.

Friday, June 21, 2013


Happiness is
- Wedding dress shopping. Sighhh, what more needs to be said? It's kinda the most fun thing... ever.
- Sushi, concerts, and beachy dates with best friends.
- Okay, best friends.
- The end of the school (work) year looming on the horizon
- Cheesy music playing from an ice cream truck
- A bonfire, roasted marshmallows, and a warm summer night
- This tumblr. If you're a blogger or have ever blogged before, you will LOVE it. Expect to giggle, A LOT
- A gentle kiss on the forehead from the man I love
- Watching the numbers get lower and lower on my "Countdown To Europe" app!!
- My fathers' tight hugs. They're filled with so much love

Friday, June 7, 2013


It was really windy at the beach that day =P
- for love, energy, passion, health, family
- for a cozy little home by the bay
- for a job that really truly allows me to make a difference in the world
- that I live in a beautiful place where people come to vacation ;)
- for this blog that somehow connects me with so many wonderful people
- for a countdown to our Europe vacation, and watching the numbers come down
- for yoga, and it's ability to change my outlook in just 60 minutes
- for the weekend, and the relief Friday brings
- for songs that make me feel "Home", and never ever get old

Wishing you a sweet, sweet weekend

Friday, April 12, 2013

Lucky Girl

It was inevitable, I knew it.
Yesterday I was hit by that "post vacation low".
You know that funk that kinda sets in after coming back from an amazing trip you looked forward to for so long. This time the funk set in a a bit later, mostly because I was so happy to come home to Nadav. Now that I'm (still happy to see Nadav each day) settled back into work and normal life, that funk started to set in. I'm not going to let it take over though, because I know I am a pretty lucky girl. ;) 

Happy List
1. Coming home to a fiance (eep! still awesome to say that) that I missed so so much.
2. Trying on wedding dresses for the first time!
3. Picking out palm trees and flowers for our front yard. #ImGettingOld
4. The beach, always the beach.
5. A workout and a sushi dinner date with girl friends after a long day at work #WhoCaresIfWeAteWayMoreCaloriesThatWeBurned
6. Watching the Roomba clean the floors while I sit on the couch. Seriously I had no idea watching a little robot suck up dust could be so entertaining.
7. Meeting tourists and telling them about my very favorite things to do in San Diego.
8. John Hamm Mad Men, thanks for coming back into my life, but seriously.. thanks.
9. Mindy Kaling's book Is Everyone Hanging Out Without Me (And Other Concerns). Mindy will you be my new best friend? Please, pretty please?
10. It's Friday, and there's definitely something sweet about that.

Thursday, February 28, 2013

Happy Happy

Happy Happy List

1. Night time walks at the bay with my love.

2. The view of the beach I see each day on my way to work. It might be 7am (okay I'm usually running late so it's later than 7am), but the view makes waking up early a whole lot easier.

3. Hot chocolate, even if it's so hot it burns my tongue.

4. Knowing that in less than a month I'll get to reunite with all my relatives in Israel. So so so excited

5. Good mail days. Red Envelope , thanks for making my day.

6. The really really nice parking attendant at Seaport Village who didn't make me pay $30 for the parking entry ticket I was responsible enough to validate.... and then lose immediately. Thank you parking attendant, I am sending some serious good vibes to you.

7.  All of you for still coming to this blog everyday, reading, commenting and sending your love. To be honest, life has been really really busy lately (in an exciting way) and I haven't been able to put as much time as I would like into this blog. I just want you to know that I really really appreciate you, thanks for sticking around. :)

8. Cara-Mia. Tomorrow is her birthday and I think you should go send her some love. She's one of my best friends and I am so lucky to have met her through blogging.

9. Rick Steves. His enthusiasm makes me smile and he's just so dorky...  naturally I can relate.

10. Dinner, cocktails, and catching up with a friend after a really long day at work. Ahhhh I'm not really much of a midweek drinker but holy moley... that drink felt good.

Wishing you a sweet day :)

Friday, February 1, 2013

Happy List.

1. Standing in the middle of the produce section of the grocery store on Monday night and feeling a bit of a high. Ya, shopping for this week's dinners made me kinda happy inside #WhoAmI?? I swear that this time last year the kitchen gave me major anxiety.
2. Friendships, old and new.. and especially those friendships I've built through the blogging community. ;)
3. The very beginning of wedding planning. Eep!
4. McDonald's chocolate dipped ice cream. That ish just doesn't get old.
5. My man, and his decision to spend last Saturday night installing my new closet organizer. Yup, I win. hehe
6. Spending Passover in Israel. So so soo incredibly excited.
7. The show Girls, and how horrendously awkward it is. Obsesseddd
8. The weekend, oh the weekend. I am so so happy you are here.
9. Getting off of the couch, going to boot camp, getting through a seriously intense workout, and feeling really really good about it afterwards.
10. The start of a new year, new possibilities, hopes, and aspirations.

What's on your happy list this week? =)

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Thursday, January 10, 2013

Happy List.

Just a little happy list.

1, The same Jason Mraz cd that has been on repeat in my car for ohhhhh, the past 6 months. =P Yes, I am aware that is not entirely normal. I guess it's kinda like when I was a kid and listened to The Little Mermaid soundtrack over and over and over again.
2. My manfriend, boyfriend, fiance.
3. A sushi date with this girl to discuss an upcoming blogger meetup. #YouKnowYouWantToBeThere (**Just a note, I am not planning this meeting but helping to spread the word. If you are interested in helping make sure you contact Lisa. =) **)
4. Finally getting back to working on our house. New house numbers, shades, curtains, and picture frames have been purchased and that's just the start. What? It's only been 2 years since we went through the hell that was our house renovations. All I know is that I really really needed a break from working on the house and I'm ready to get back to business. =P
5. San Diego because jeez, just look at this photo.
6. A 2 week vacation from work that gave me time to reflect on things I really needed to think about... and then left me with time to be productive. #VagueIKnow
7. Chocolate. Yup that sums it up.
8. Parents and a little brother (one day I will accept that he's not so little anymore) that are so so supportive. 
9. Finally getting my haircut after 6 months of laziness putting it off, and Franco at Koda Salon for being so flipping fabulous.
10. Knowing that my Gila-Joon is coming to visit this weekend!! Weee! There will be brunches, girl talk, pampering, and too much alcohol fun happening on Saturday night. Can't Wait!

Hope you have a great day!
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Tuesday, December 4, 2012


1. Picking up the Rick Steves' Italy 2013 guidebook. Italy planning here we gooo woop woop.
2. Brunch. Mimosas. Pancakes. Mimosas. Brunch.
3. Spending a rainy Saturday curled up on the couch with a good book.
4. Holding hands, Christmas lights, and hot chocolate
5. Spinning dreidels, lighting Menorahs, eating lots and lots of oily food, and celebrating with family
6. A new pair of glasses =P
7. Blog friends, turned real friends, who become best friends.
8. Sitting on the couch, doing nothing, and really just being okay with it every once in a while.
9. The kids I work with, and the ways in which they teach me to be a better person.
10. Boots, tights, coats, scarves and that it's almost cold enough to wear them... just maybe not together ;)

What's making you happy today? :)

Thursday, September 13, 2012


Happy List, cuz it's my blog, and I'll smile if I want to... 
Or something like that ;)
Farra, Paulina and I at the San Diego Fashion Week Press Event Monday night.

1. A clean house. Aahhh.
2. Planning a 10 year best friend anniversary celebration with this girl. We decided that 10 years is kind of a huge deal. It's been 10 years, she's gotten engaged, married, and had a kid... and well, Nadav and I are still dating. (No pressure though hahaha)
3. Bubble baths, Lush bath bombs, and my Kindle (and no I was not reading 50 Shades of Grey while bubble-bathing, get your minds out of the gutter).
4. Rosh Hashana, apples and honey, and time spent with my family and Nadav.
5. The very minimal drop in ridiculously high for San Diego temperatures. I also appreciate that the drop is so minimal I am still able to wear shorts and go to the beach after work. (Have I mentioned that I love my city, because I do =P)
6. The Chargers winning their first game of the season my boyfriend avoiding depression for the evening
7. A new school year that is kinda sorta maybe starting to settle down.
8. Godiva milk chocolate clams. I know I shouldn't eat them, but mannnnn they tickle my pickle.
9. Speaking of food and how yummy it is... Next week is San Diego Restaurant Week, and yes I will be unleashing my inner fatty. Have any good restaurant recommendations? Please send them my way =)
10. Finally learning how to make a collage on Photoshop. It's about time, right? #NerdyBoyfriendPerks
11. All of you. Thank for your comments, your love, and for making me smile each day :) I am so grateful.

Wishing you a sweet sweet day =)


Thursday, August 30, 2012

A Happy List

I don't know if it's the new school year, the supposed end of "summer", or the beautiful days that just keep blessing us in San Diego, but I've been feeling really happy and grateful this week.

I think all this cheeriness calls for a Happy List
You agree? Good. =P

1. A new school year that is starting off on a really positive note... Ok so shit will go down the kids aren't starting until next week, but I really feel a sense of positivity from my coworkers and boss and it's making me feel all cheery inside. 
 2. The dolphins at Sea World.. yes yes I know I go see them 2-3 times a week which makes me a bit of a weirdo, but I can't stop myself. They really truly make me happy.
3. Phillipine Dried Mangos. Yup... and I'm obviously talking about the huge Costco bag, none of this small bag grocery store business.
 4. A boyfriend who supports everything I do, like this blog. He knows that blogging makes me happy and rolls his eyes is so good about waiting to touch his food until I take a picture, taking silly photos for me, and always supports my blogging because he knows how much I love it. Love.
5. An upcoming trip to Palm Springs that I'm taking with some very lovely ladies, you know who you are =P
6. Boot camp friends who inspire me to keep going during crazy workouts... and then invite me to fun parties and events. #BootCampBuddies #WorkThanParty
7.  Speaking of boot camp friends, being part of a truly kick ass boot camp class that really pushes me farther than I think I can push myself. It's an amazing feeling to surpass that notion you have in your head of what you can and can't do. (Read: yes I whine and pout when it gets really intense but I love it).
8. San Diego summer sunsets, they take my breath away
9. Knowing that I will be seeing Jason Mraz in concert next month!! Woop woop, I like him, woop woop wooooop. #HappyDance #StillHappyDancing
10. Apples and honey =) Yay for September

Hope you have a sweet day

Thursday, July 19, 2012

Just 'Cause

Happy List

1. That half hour before I leave for work when I can just sit quietly, sip my coffee, and read my very favorite blogs. It's pretty much my favorite part of the day.
2. Long lazy San Diego beach days
3. My new phone, the Samsung Galaxy sIII... it's just, all kinds of wonderful. Take that you Iphone junkies =P
4. Taking in the madness that was Comic-con... scratch that, recovering from the madness that was Comic-con
I don't even know.... ;)
5. Making dinner for my man, it makes him so happy.. which also means I can't do it everyday because it wouldn't be as special (shhh don't tell him that hehe)
6. Celebrating my birthday allll week, a girl's gotta live ya know?
7. Knowing I only have 9 days left of this school year and then have a month off of work. Suuhhweet
8. Deciding that I should use the word "suhhweet" multiple times throughout the day when commenting on things I like. =P
9. My city, suhhweet hehe
10. Planning a mother-daughter getaway with my mom. Weeee! (Special note to my Mom... please please don't change your mind, remember what I repeated 1000000 times when you tried to say it might not happen told you, "making memories with me the ones you love is way more important than fixing up your garage" hahaha. xoxo love you!)

Happy Thursday Friends, just one day closer to the weekend!


Thursday, June 28, 2012

Those Happy Things

Just a little happy list, cause you know...
happy things are nice and they make me smile.
(I like to smile)

1.Watching the Sea World fireworks every night from our front yard. It's like the 4th of July every night =P
2. Our little trip to Palm Springs and how it gave Nadav and I time to connect, talk, and just be together. I really really loved it.
 3. Learning the importance and well beauty in disconnecting, and how good it feels to just sit and have quiet.
4. Learning to say no, and being ok with it. (Oh growing up...)
5. Knowing that I have inspired 3 of my coworkers to become occupational therapists, and saying goodbye to them as they move away to begin occupational therapy school.
6. Cafe latte frozen yogurt from Golden Spoon. Yup.
7. Actually playing with the baby dolphins at Sea World. We arrived at Dolphin Point 30min before the park closed and one of the dolphins swam right up to me, jumped, and played with me until the park closed and the dolphin trainer kicked me out. It was one of the most amazing things I've done in a really long time. =P The whole thing happened last Wednesday, and I still smile when I think about it.8. Mission Bay evening runs. During these runs I've surpassed what I thought were my physical limits, NS this view helps takes my mind off of any aches and pains that arise. (On that note, do you get side aches while running? Any advice on how to avoid these aches or make them go away??)
9. Getting requests to make these cookies. No one has ever asked me to make anything, at least I'm becoming a decent baker =P
10. Blogger dates. Seriously, I had dinner last night with Allie and as expected, we had such a great time. Don't you love it when you just click with someone? =)

Hope you have a happy day

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Thursday, May 31, 2012


A lesson from I learned from this week's happy list:
It's easy to start feeling a little sorry for yourself... but look around you and pay a little attention to the sweet things that surround you. Chances are you'll start feeling better soon.

A Happy List...

1. My bike, she just makes me smile.
 2. The HBO show "Girls". It's so deliciously awkward, has such good writing, and is just so damn good. (Have I mentioned that I thoroughly enjoy awkward television? Cuz I do heh)
3. Taking new passport photos.. just another step closer to taking that much anticipated big trip.
4. Going to Sea World twice in one weekend. I'm starting to love that place, and in case anyone is wondering.. The new ride at Sea World, Manta, is really fun. (and yes we did rode it 3 times in a row)
Watching the fireworks from Shamu Stadium. See one of the whales in the left corner?
5. The return of So You Think You Can Dance.. no joke it's one of my favorites. I even went to the So You Think You Can Dance concert last year and it was wonderfullll.
6. Realizing that the end of the school (work) year is in sight, even if I have to work until the end of July.
7. Spending long days at the pool with my man. (Fun fact: Did you know that the Mission Bay Hilton allows locals to hang out at their *beautiful* pool? Well they do... just buy a drink and some food and they'll love you.. and try not to be obnoxious or drink a little too much because then they will not love you =P)
Cough, clearly I am still working on that tan =P
8. Early mornings. I know, I know I'm that person that seriously annoys all you non-morning people, but I really love mornings. Sitting on the couch, sipping coffee, and just enjoying the quiet makes me so happy.
9. Seeing my parentals three weekends in a row, letting them take me out for a enjoying a nice meal with them =P, and seeing them so happy about their kitchen renovation. They've waited a long time for a new kitchen and I'm really happy for them.
10. Summer summer summer timeee (thank you Will Smith for an excellent song I like to sing throughout the entire summer)

Happy Thursday Friends =)


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